Curses of Disobedience

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For Christians, the only real peace is found in obedience to our God. He will see to His enemies. Today we are disobedient, and we are overrun with His enemies!

You will be the Tail

Today, the wicked are elevated, and they occupy the places that we see as our own. In reality, our people are being punished, because we have followed the ways of the wicked, and therefore they have become our gods, our judges and rulers. If we did not follow their ways, this could not possibly have happened to us. We must put away all of the idols of the jews and the aliens – television and sports, movies and novels, Hollywood and Nashville, consumerism, credit and usury, and every other evil, and put our trust in Yahweh, and He will see to it that our necessities are at hand. The simple truths of Psalm 37 are so readily evident in today's society, yet our people cannot see it because they are blinded by the idols of the jews.