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Matthew 6:14 For if you would remit for men their transgressions, your heavenly Father shall also remit for you. 15 But if you should not remit for men their transgressions, neither shall your Father remit your transgressions.

This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that all Israel shall be saved, that all Israel shall be justified, that every Adamic soul shall ultimately share in the salvation of the tree of life. (The citations for these statements are Romans 11:26, Isaiah 45:25 and Genesis 3:22.) If we judge our brother harshly, Yahweh shall judge us harshly. We have done, or thought to do, many of those same things for which we judge our brother.

Judging Brethren

A form of hypocritical judgement is the condemnation of our brother or sister for wrongs that we ourselves may have once committed, or thought of committing. Or perhaps we would condemn our brother or sister today, but another day we may accept someone else who had done such a thing, because we like that person or that person is close to us. Because only Yahweh is perfect, only Yahweh can be our judge.