List of commonly mistranslated words in the New Testament

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Genesis (γένεσις) - Generation

Of the descent, γενέσεως, is a singular Genitive case form of the word γένεσις which means origin, and used of people it means race. The very first use of this word in the New Testament in Matthew 1:1 helps to provide a context for the usage of this and the related words, genos and genea, throughout the rest of the Scripture. The Greeks had a narrower meaning of the word – a race for them was a subdivision of a nation. We see the word in a wider sense since this time, because we have seen the Saxon race grow into many nations. The passage in Matthew 1:1 alone proves that the word generation, not even in the plural there in the King James version, means race as it was originally used in English. Or we imagine that all of the ancestors of Christ lived at the same time.