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The Scythians is the name the deported Israelites called themselves. It is derived from the Hebrew word Succoth, which means booth or tent dwellers. The Israelites had lost their former homeland and now would begin migrating into Europe. This primarily began after the Assyrian Empire was destroyed around 610 BC, by a coalition of Cimmerians (Israelites), Persians, Babylonians and Medes. During this brief period a power vacuum was formed. The Israelites no longer oppressed, began to freely begin migrating around. Some immediately went West into Anatolia overrunning the Phrygian Empire, these this used the name Cimmerians. Whilst many began migrating north into Europe, either over the Caucasus Mountains into what we would call Ukraine today, but also around the Caspian Sea into what we would call Afghanistan today. These Israelites grew to become a mass of people, travelling on horseback and cart. There warriors were primarily horse archers. Those that remained in the Middle East, were called the Sacae by the Persians, but were recognized as being the same people as the Scythians and Cimmerians.